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“You are not invisible! You are worthy! This is ‘Swipe Right’, a piece of my heart and mind on display.”

Swipe right

You, everything about you
Summarized into single sentences
Carefully placed between capitals, periods and spaces
Swipe left

The heart on your sleeve, every character
Each piece of you drawn out, crossed out, rewritten
Delete, delete, backspace, rewrite
Swipe right

So calculated, so meticulous, you, all of you
Swipe left

A brief glimpse into your world
Your past fears, your future ambitions
Your defining moments of self discovery
Swipe left

All of your dreams, every experience
The depth of you, the depth of your soul
Swipe right

The curves of all your edges
The shapes of each beautiful angle
Mirroring the perfection of you symmetry, wow
Swipe left

All of your flaws, each places on display
You’re beautiful, you’re so beautiful
Swipe right

You’re loved, you’re liked, you’re hated
Swipe left

You are someone’s reason, someone’s envy
Someone’s pain, someone’s reason why
Swipe right

You’re a sister, a brother
A mother, a father, an aunt, an uncle
A someone to someone
Swipe left

You are a million haunting reminders of a face
Someone studied for years and has found it impossible to forget
Swipe right

You are a moment, you are a passionate moment
You are eternal
Swipe left

You are a first kiss, a first touch
The first memory of what it felt like to be loved
Swipe right

You in all of your glory and beauty
You are everything that means something
Swipe left

You’re shallow, you’re afraid, insecure, you’re a liar
You’re perfect
Swipe right

You are both the worst and best thing that has ever happened to someone
Swipe left

You are a series of interconnected absolutes
That brought you to this definitive moment, right here, right now
Swipe right

You are the stars in the sky, the stars in their eyes
You are everything that is right about this world
Swipe left

You’re hilarious, you’re a smile away from a laugh
Swipe right

You’re charming, you have a way with words
You are sexy
Swipe left

You are charismatic, you are loyal
Your set of red hot lips and the body of a god
Swipe right

You are desperate, maybe for love, maybe to fuck
Maybe to get over being alone all the time
Swipe left

You, you’re trying to forget the sound of your heart breaking
When loose hands let it fall to the floor
Swipe right

You’re a bad hair day, an old cliche
An unconvincing black and white photograph
Of something that never matter but you found it intriguing
Swipe left

You are a nobody
Swipe right

You’re different, you are so unique
You are one of a kind
Swipe left

You are that person, the person everyone wishes they could be
Swipe right

You are honest, as honest as they come
A subtle reminder that truth still has a voice
Swipe left

You are adventurous, you are dangerous, alluring
You are the change in the world
Swipe right

You are lovely, glamorous, breathtaking, timeless
You are a queen, stunning
Swipe left

You are eager, eager to fall
Eager to feel hopeless, eager to feel helpless
Swipe right

You are romantic, you’re too good to be true
Swipe left

You are the single tear that races
Down the side of your cheek not quick enough
Swipe right

You are alone, you are welcomed
You are surrounded by everyone that matters
Swipe left

You are the sound of the first heartbeat
First word and the first of many
Swipe right

You see, you are me
And I am you
And we are not a swipe in either direction, right or left
You are not a moment worth passing up
You’re not anything other than what you wish to be seen as
Judge me not, I see the beauty you are
I see the beauty I am
The nameless, the faceless, the graceless, the fearful
You are worth each and every second
You are the truest value
You are everything, I am everything
You are worthy, I am worthy
You are worth it, I am worth it
You are worthy, worth it
You are worthy
So judge us not
I Swipe left

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