What we do?

Software Design

We Design entire software Architecture. It comes up with All major technologies, third party dependencies.

Web Design

We do know HTML, Css , css3 , jquery ajax . ususally use references of latest tech of respective languages of website

Web Development

Website development is our forte. I do know PHP, Mysql, Frameworks tech like Phalcon, Laravel, Codignitor, Slim .

Cloud Setup

AWS | Digital ocean are the service provider . Apart from this I do setups on Google Cloud , Alibaba Cloud , Microsoft AZure setups of LAMP Platforms only

Plugin Development

Jquery, PHP, Android apps based Plugins I usually develop for Developers, Coz I believe in sharing is caring. Find uson Github for more

App Development

We have Developed Cross Platform apps using Appcelarator Previously known as Titanium Apps. It was Javascript based IDE.

Technology Usage

Development Deaprtment


MySql | MS sql


Linux Cloud Setup

Design Department



JavaScript & jQuery


How we work?

Planning & UX Research

Deliver quality systems that meet or exceed customer expectations when promised and within cost estimates. Provide a framework for developing quality systems using an identifiable, measurable, and repeatable process. I do study that uses business and technical information and cost data to determine the economic potential and practicality (i.e., feasibility) of a project.

Design & Development

Establish a project management structure to ensure that each system development project is effectively managed throughout its life cycle. Identify and assign the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties, including functional and technical managers, throughout the system development life cycle. Ensure that system development requirements are well defined and subsequently satisfied.

Testing & Bug Fixing

Initially I Do planning for the checklist which provides sample information to use and verify that major initial project functions and tasks have been completed within the Concept phase in the Project Management Life Cycle. It helps to overcome fear of Bug fixing and I get Good testing report. After Completion of the checklists will help ensure the applications, functions, or features meet adequate quality assurance before being moved to production for end-user utilization.

Project Launch & Support

I collect all information about a system, application or process instructions, procedures, and process flows, which are shown in step-by-step text format as well as visual graphics.Then I come up with information for the installation of the system, application or data, including installation strategy, planning and risk factors, and security. I do Provide a process that ensures changes to the production environment are planned, approved, tested, executed, and reviewed in a systematic efficient and controlled manner.

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