I don’t know the Story Of Mahavira Lot. But I have Heard Lot About him in My childhood. When I used to Go to School in Worli, That Place was something Special. And it will Always be. There was Buddha Vihar (Built by Japanese) &
Jain Temple .
Want to share few quotes of that Man.

Thought-Provoking Quotes By Mahavira For Inner Peace & Balanced Life

1) Anger begets more anger, and forgiveness and love lead to more forgiveness and love.

2) By sincerity, a man gains physical, mental and linguistic straightforwardness, and harmonious tendency; that is, congruence of speech and action.

3) The most important principle of environment is that you are not the only element.

4) If you want to cultivate a habit, do it without any reservation, till it is firmly established. Until it is so confirmed, until it becomes a part of your character, let there be no exception, no relaxation of effort.

5) Modes are infinite, and laws are infinite.

Vardhamana, more famous as the Mahavira, was the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankara. He was one of the principle figures of Jainism and a great philosopher. He was born into a royal family, but royalty and the luxurious life did not please him. He was in constant search for inner peace and spirituality so one fine day he left his home and materialistic possessions in search of spiritual awakening. Mahivira sought answers to questions that the religious practices and the gurus could not answer. He led a life of an ascetic and for more than twelve years he practiced rigorous penance and profound austerity. It is believed that after surviving through all the physical hardships he attained Kevala Jnana (omniscience). Thereafter, he preached for more than thirty years. His teachings included observing ahimsa (non-violence), asteya (non-stealing), aparigraha (non-attachment), satya (truth) and brahmacharya (chastity). His teachings are known as ‘Jain Agamas’ and were anthologized by his chief disciple Gautama Swami. Let us look at what we can learn from his most famous, motivational and inspirational quotes and thoughts. Read through the simple, exhilarating and pragmatic quotes and thoughts by Mahavira that holds a world of wisdom.