It Fetch Records from Yahoo Cricket – Yahoo Query Language.
Its forgotten but yet I believe its best cricket API

This is Made for PHP Programmers and for other Tech developers.
Use it wisely and share your software to people for Greater use.

Sometimes Smallest contribution leads to the Greatest Beginning.

Your website has to be HTTPS to get result or else it will be vulnerable.

It is tested with HTMl5 css3 PHP Ajax Jquery.
Again to be noted This Script Works best with all new server who has HTTPS enabled.

Use this Library for greater use I have implemented multiple ways to use it and utilized 10 possibilities after use of this Library me and my colleague found it most sophisticated and feasible solution for Industrial use .
This scripts can be use for Intranet , Extra-net or For Public Domain Websites.
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Library is Open source and there is no any copyright. Do one thing spread to the people who wants there software to get accomplish within less time.
This Libraries used in Many Framework such As Phalcon . Laravel , Code Ignitor , YII , Zend Framework and Custom CMS of PHP .

Large server Cloud hosting This will give you good performance.

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